Real Desktop on your desktop !

Real Desktops is a freeware that gives a new look to your desktop and make it as the real one. Graphics are fascinating and full of life. Every pixel on your desktop can be customized to create your own style.

Beat spam with a 10 Minute e-mail

You aren't obliged to give up your real e-mail address by using it to sign up for a site that require an e-mail address for sending a validation to.

Write by hand on your computer

Your hand writing gives a personal touch to the words. But using computer , you'll lost this personal touch. Solution is to convert your handwriting into a digital form. Today's service can do this ! Yes , now you can write by hand on your computer easily.

How to design your house online?

Now you can design your house online with out any experience. Also you can walk through your design in a 3d view. Not enough? , you are able to make more complex plans with more rooms taking furniture in consider.

Have fun with your photo

How can you cover a wall with your photo on a street for free? or how can you put it in a museum for free? .. Today's tool can make more!